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Kiley helped us identify our business goals and user needs and provided a clear communications strategy. She was always aware of where we wanted to head and made sure our brand was cohesive and goal-oriented. 

Kiley identified issues with our website and social media content, and she provided actionable solutions and opportunities. Unlike other social media strategists we’ve worked with, her recommendations translated to considerably more traffic and engagement. As well as being a Content Strategy expert, Kiley was able to offer really practical advice on SEO. She was also incredibly knowledgeable of social media trends, metrics and analytics. 

Kiley was an amazing team player. It felt like she gave 200% to every task. She was really easy to work with and brought so much enthusiasm and laughter to our team. It feels like Kiley really cares about our success, and we’ll definitely contact her again when we need to update our website and social media strategy. 

Dr. Sarah Woodhouse, Author / Psychologist

Kiley is a natural leader capable of successfully identifying and implementing business critical strategic initiatives within complex organizations with enthusiasm, team orientation and entrepreneurial spirit. I found her energy, initiative and results orientation drove a culture of greater overall team engagement within the company. Kiley specifically excelled in leading creative design and product innovation initiatives. Her interpersonal skills and business savvy also made her a strong partner in customer management.

Gerard Bastiaanse, President of Hawaii Coffee Company 
(fmr. VP of Marketing, Farmer Bros. Coffee)

Kiley’s proposed changes were clearly and respectfully detailed noting the way in which the improvements would be experienced by our users. Her copywriting and edits were of great help, and because she is an “ideas” person she often provided additional business improvement thoughts along the way.  Kiley is very talented, easy to work with and delivers results very quickly. Kiley is brilliant with marketing!

Vicki Morgan, CEO of National College of Dance

I have worked with Kiley for over 15 years. During that time, she has excelled in marketing efforts to drive sales for both tea and coffee. When I started my own business, I knew she was the person I wanted to manage the marketing aspects. She helped me first with my brand identity and then executed all marketing aspects. These included web design, SEO, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), email blasts, blog posts, sales material, etc. I have seen significant growth in followers on all platforms and received numerous new business leads that have manifested into top-line revenue growth. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve or start their marketing efforts.

Scott Svihula, Founder of Hula Consulting

I found Kiley to be a huge asset to our organization. One of Kiley’s biggest attributes is her positive attitude and influence on others. I always thought of her as our organization’s biggest cheerleader. Kiley was always the first to celebrate both organizational and individual victories. As a small business in the beverage industry, our company faced many challenges and enjoyed many triumphs. It is easy to get discouraged when competing with the larger organizations who have unlimited budgets and support. In order to thrive in an environment like that you must be someone who can think creatively, and not be afraid to roll up your sleeves and put forth the extra effort. Kiley fit right in and, indeed, thrived.

Of course her attributes do not end there. Kiley is also a creative thinker and was an integral part of the team that developed an exclusive ready to drink bottled tea, which went on to win several prestigious awards. When Kiley relocated, we simply moved her from a full time employee to contract labor and she continued her position with many of the same duties and responsibilities. Kiley’s tenacity and her unrelenting positive outlook and attitude make her a great candidate for any Marketing/Advertising or Design position, specifically in a hands-on environment where many of her skills could be utilized.

Rommie Flammer, fmr. President & CEO of China Mist

I have known Kiley since she started working for China Mist in 2005. She worked with us until we sold the company to Framer Bros in 2016 and continued working with them until 2018. She created and managed all of our social, digital and communications including newsletters, product and sales materials, client-specific supports, internal/external communications for the company and C-Suite (B2B and B2C), email marketing, eCommerce, the website refresh and created our shop cart.
Kiley is a self-motivating person with absolutely wonderful people skills and worked well within our teams. Kiley also provided marketing insights, creative and sales support for new and existing key accounts, maintained customer relationships and assisted with new product introductions. She worked directly with our CEO, and implemented China Mist's award-winning RTD line, which won several awards.
Kiley is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and has CMS/CRM Platform Diverse skills. Kiley also managed Trade Show materials, logistics, promotion and, most importantly, follow-up. She also worked as our liaison with advertising agencies plus art direction for our on and offsite photo shoots. She can work face to face or remotely with ease. If I ever started another company, Kiley would be one of my first hires.

Dan Schweiker, Governing Board Chairperson at The School of Architecture at Taliesen
(Co-Founder China Mist Tea Co.)

Kiley is the most creative, energizing, hard working person you’ll meet. She is an absolute joy to work with and simply be around. She is an incredible copy writer and marketer. She’s never short on innovative ideas.

Shae Beckwith, Sr. Account Manager EPIC Creative

I found her to be collaborative, enthusiastic, and willing to do whatever task was necessary to get the job done. She has an immense wealth of knowledge about tea; and her passion on the subject is contagious. Kiley was definitely a positive force among the marketing team. Her marketing skills and work ethic are only exceeded by her positive, sunny nature and genuine concern for her colleagues.

Desiree Whitten, Marketing Communications Manager of Farmer Brothers Coffee

Kiley is an absolute delight to work with and a true asset to her company.  Her passion for her job is surpassed only by her passion for life and for people.  Kiley is easily one of the kindest, most pleasant people I've had the good fortune to encounter - inside or outside of the business world.  Her efforts have made an incredible impact on her company as she continues to find new, innovative, and intelligent ways to grow the brand.

Todd Young, COO of Gamestar+

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